Past Drum Majors of the Gold Star Marching Band

This is a list of the former Drum Majors from 1902 to 2009. There is a long way to go to fill out this list. If you can help fill in the blanks, please email


1998 Cameron Haaland, Tracy Kvaale
1999 Sara Dau, Mike Kemuett, Amy Mattson
2000 Sara Dau, Amy Mattson, Bryan Wirtz
2001 Aaron Beseler, Sara Dau, Jeremy Marquardt
2002 Aaron Beseler, Jeremy Marquardt, Erin Wirtz
2003 Aaron Beseler, Chris Neu, Pat Thiel
2004 Chris Hanson, Emily Hunt, Chris Neu
2005 Mike Lehmann, Chris Neu, Pat Thiel
2006 Mike Lehmann, Chris Neu, Erin Ott
2007 Mike Lehmann, Erin Ott, Matt Salzer
2008 Dan Hinman, James Landman, Brian Selander
2009 James Landman, Tony Peterson, Brian Selander